We welcome well-defined ideas or well-written manuscripts in the following categories:

A variety of non-fiction: Biography, how-to, self-improvement and home improvement are just samples of the areas in which readers await useful information or insight into what makes their favorite personalities successful.

Technical books and manuals: Communicating technical ideas clearly at an introductory or professional level is a special expertise of Brazos Valley Press where technology is a special passion of our staff. We are familiar with the role of technology in a range of industries and we know how to communicate with both technical and non-technical audiences.

Corporate histories and anniversary or milestone editions: Telling the story of your company’s unique history and its accomplishments can enhance employee morale and loyalty, serve as a powerful recruiting tool and give customers and prospects helpful insight into the company’s guiding principles.

Fiction: Whether thrillers or adventures, our staff knows a good story when it reads one. And our ability to respond quickly with personal attention ensures a window of market opportunity will not be closed before the project can be completed.